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The Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Heritage Committee is a group of volunteers that dedicate their spare time to gather documentation from the past.

The Heritage Committee goal is to:

  1. Research and recover the heritage of engineering and geoscience as it relates to Manitoba.
  2. Preserve and protect this heritage.
  3. Present our heritage to APEGM members and public of Manitoba.
  4. Work with other groups and organizations that have common objectives.

Current Members

The following are the current Heritage Committee Members: Glen Cook (Chair), Doug Chapman (Vice Chair), James Bamburak, Len Bateman, Ryan Bernier, Ariel Brawerman, Ron Britton, Dave Ennis, Trent Erskine, Gordon Goldsborough, Richard Jones, Sam Kovnats, Aaron Letts, Alan Aftanas, Al Myska, Alan Pollard. If you wish to join the group, feel free to contact the chair or the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba office.


The Heritage Committee was formed in 2007 at the request of the Executive Director to create a group to focus on the people, works and events, related to engineering and geoscience that have some connection with the province. The Committee plans to identify and document the leaders, the experts, their projects (worldwide) and their legacies.

The committee is also looking for feedback on other tasks it is considering. Please identify as many people, projects and stories as you wish. Your feedback is important and appreciated - it will help the Heritage Committee immensely.

Contact Information

You can also send your comments and suggestions through regular mail to the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba offices at

870 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2M7

or through an email to

Keystone Professional Articles

All copies of the association publications will be posted on line.

Terms of Reference