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The Keystone Professional is Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's official publication. Copies are typically distributed to all members and include information on a range of topics of interest to it's membership such as;

  • Reports from Council, various committees, and staff
  • Event listings
  • Feature articles
  • Changes to membership


In the 1950's the engineering association had identified a need for a better means in which to communicate with it's members. An initial attempt at producing a publication was short lived and ceased production after two years when editorial information dried up. A second, more successful, attempt was undertaken a few years later in 1956 under the name of "The Manitoba Professional Engineer". The association has successfully continued to produce this publication since then to the present time.

Starting in June 1999 "The Manitoba Professional Engineer" was renamed "The Keystone Professional". This was primarily a result of the absorption of the geosciences professional association into the engineering professional association and the name no longer being inclusive of its new members. The new name has geographical, engineering, geoscientific, and professional symbolism which reflects the new Act under which association administers the professional registration of geoscientists as well as engineers.

The name was selected for a number of reasons. Firstly, Manitoba is widely known as “The Keystone Province”. Secondly, a keystone is “the stone at the apex of an arch, the chief element or consummation, or that on which all else depends (Chamber's 20th. Century Dictionary). Thirdly, the noun “key” connotes that which leads to the solution of a problem and, in association with other words, is a common part of engineering parlance (e.g. turnkey project, computer-key, key-pin, key-plate, shear key). Fourthly and finally, “stone” symbolizes the geoscience profession.

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