Pinawa Generating Station

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Pinawa Generating Station was the first hydraulic plant on the Winnipeg River and first to operate all year long under extreme cold weather and icing conditions. The station was a Winnipeg Electric Railway Co. development. Pinawa operated with a head of 14 m. Pinawa Generating Station was retired from service in 1951.

Construction of the station was between 1902 and 1906. When first commissioned the station had 6 units with a total capacity of 8 MW. In 1907 units 7, 8, 9 were added which raised the capacity to 14 MW. In 1912 the capacity was re-rated to 22 MW.

Procurement, construction, and commissioning had a lot of local involvement. A railway and a town were built for the construction. Design engineering was provided by an engineer from New York.


Pinawa Construction


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